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Zhiyuan has introduced advanced production equipment from home and abroad, built a GMP clean production workshop for pharmaceutical excipients and a large medicine warehouse, which are designed with scientific, environment-friendly and highly clean materials, and can realize automatic,digital and intelligent operation.

With a perfect quality management system, Zhiyuan has advanced equipment and strict management. In addition, Zhiyuan’s testing center is equipped with more than 50 world-class testing instruments including Thermo Fisher ion chromatograph, Beckman capillary electrophoresis apparatus, Shimazu meteorological and liquid chromatograph as well as infrared spectrometer which can satisfy the independent testing of all items from the incoming inspection of materials to the pre-delivery inspection of products and strictly ensure product quality.

Binzhou Zhiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. maintains long-term cooperative relations with Fudan University, Nankai University and Shandong University. In 2020, the company established a new cyclodextrin R&D center in Jinan, determined to broaden the application field of cyclodextrin, a new type of material. We has launched a series of new products based on cyclodextrin-such as cyclodextrin curcumin complex, cyclodextrin salicylic acid inclusion compound and other products, which greatly improved product performance and enhanced the experience of original products In the future, we will continue to explore as always and become the world leader in the field of cyclodextrin.




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