What's the role of cyclodextrin products in drugs
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What's the role of cyclodextrin products in drugs

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Cyclodextrin(CD) and its derivatives are of great value in improving the physicochemical properties of drugs, such as Hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin(HPBCD),Sulfobutylether-β-Cyclodextrin(SBECD) improving the prescription and enhancing the efficacy, especially in the application of advanced preparation technologies such as targeting and microparticle delivery systems.The main roles are as below.

1.For rapid release and sustained release preparations.

Some cyclodextrin derivatives are beneficial to the rapid dissolution of drugs in the gastrointestinal tract due to their high hydrophilicity. They are often used in the preparation of rapid release and sustained release agents to improve the bioavailability of insoluble drugs.

2.For controlled release drug delivery.

Combined with other pharmaceutical excipients in the preparation of controlled-release preparations.

3. It is used for positioning administration.

A. Brain targeted drug delivery system: as solubilizer, it can increase the solubility of prodrug or chemical transport system and enhance the chemical stability of some drugs;

B. Special cell targeted drug delivery system: conjugated compounds with drugs can increase the space volume of drugs, increase the surface hydrophilicity of drugs, and prevent drugs from passing through the outer membrane channel of bacteria;

C. Colon specific drug delivery system: only in the colon, cyclodextrin will be enzymolysis and release drugs.

4. Particulate drug delivery system.

A. Liposome: cyclodextrin can improve the solubility of drugs, which can be combined with the targeting effect of liposome;

B. Microcapsules and microspheres: the main function of microcapsules is to regulate the release rate of drugs from sodium nanoparticles, and microspheres are used as crosslinks of polyacrylic acid;

C.Nanoparticles: medical education network collects and collates to increase the drug loading of sodium nanoparticles.

5. Drug micronization.

Cyclodextrin was added in the grinding process to obtain the drug with smaller particle size.




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