What's the Pharm Grade Cyclodextrin?
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What's the Pharm Grade Cyclodextrin?

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With the development of the society, the level of quality of life of people is gradually increasing. At the same time, people are seeking increasingly more levels of medicine, and different types of medicine can help people to perform different functions.


The product we are introducing today is Pharm Grade Cyclodextrin. For those who may not know what Pharm Grade Cyclodextrin is, the text will give a brief summary and analysis of it.


·What's the Pharm Grade Cyclodextrin?

·What’s the structure of Pharm Grade Cyclodextrin?

·What are the Pharm Grade Cyclodextrin application?


What's the Pharm Grade Cyclodextrin?


Pharm Grade Cyclodextrins are the primary products of starch hydrolysis and are also oligosaccharides, consisting of several glucose structural units. Besides, harm Grade cyclodextrins are excipients used mainly for nitrogen-containing drugs. It has a special affinity and inclusion for nitrogen-containing drugs.


What’s the structure of Pharm Grade Cyclodextrin?


The cyclodextrin molecule has a slightly tapered hollow cylindrical three-dimensional ring structure, which is hydrophilic, while the hollow cavity is shielded by the C-H bond to form a hydrophobic zone. It has neither reducing nor non-reducing ends and is not reductive. Cyclodextrins are stable in alkaline media and can only be hydrolysed by alpha-amylase but not by beta-amylase, and are more resistant to acids and amylases than straight-chain starches. Complexes of cyclodextrins exist naturally and can also be synthesised. In industry, many dyes are based on cyclodextrins. Many medicinal plants with medical properties, such as aloe vera, contain cyclodextrin complexes.


What are the Pharm Grade Cyclodextrin application?



Pharm Grade Cyclodextrins can be used as auxiliaries in pesticide agents. Medical cyclodextrins use their special properties to greatly reduce the solubility of pesticides and increase their dissolution rate and stability. This shows that it has no small role in the pesticide field.


·Environmental field

Pharm Grade Cyclodextrins can play an important role in the environmental field by re-adsorbing environmental pollutants, which are enriched by β-CD through encapsulation. It has been shown that the addition of β-CD not only increases the decontamination rate but can also be reused up to 6 times, so cyclodextrins can also be used as oil sorbents.


·Medical field

Pharm Grade Cyclodextrins are special in nature as it is an anionic, highly water-soluble cyclodextrin derivative. Cyclodextrins therefore bind well to drug molecules and form non-covalent complexes, thus improving the stability, water solubility and safety of the drug, alleviating drug haemolysis and reducing the toxic side effects of the drug.


From the above description, do you have a clear understanding of the basic structure and uses of Pharm Grade Cyclodextrins? The cavity structure of cyclodextrins can form host-guest inclusions with small molecule compounds through intermolecular interactions with non-covalent bonds. Cyclodextrins are used in a wide range of applications and play an important role in a number of areas such as pesticides, medicine and environmental protection, where they have special chemical properties. At the same time, there have been two centuries of research on cyclodextrins. If you want to know more, please follow us.




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