What role can food grade cyclodextrins play in the food industry?
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What role can food grade cyclodextrins play in the food industry?

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With the rapid development of the food additive industry including high-purity food grade cyclodextrins crystal, new dietary appeals with rich flavors are being sought after by more consumers. As a special additive, food grade additive cyclodextrin hydrate can increase fragrance and remove peculiar smell. The aroma of food often influences consumers' purchasing choices, so white food grade cyclodextrins powder can help businesses gain more favor.


Here is the content list:

  • What are the physical and chemical properties of food grade cyclodextrins?

  • What are uses of food grade γ cyclodextrin in the food industry?

  • What prospects does food grade cyclodextrins have in the food industry?


What are the physical and chemical properties of food grade cyclodextrins?

The molecular shape of food grade cyclodextrins is like a bucket with a broken bottom, with a large upper end and a small lower end. Its upper end is the two hydroxyl groups on glucose C2 and C3, and the lower end is hydroxymethyl. The hydrogen on C3 and C5 and the oxygen of the glycosidic bond extend to the inside.

Food grade cyclodextrins are crystals with optical rotation. It has neither a reducing end nor a non-reducing end, and it has no reducibility. Food grade cyclodextrins is very stable in alkaline medium, but strong acid can make it crack.

Food grade cyclodextrins can only be hydrolyzed by α-amylase but not by β-amylase. It is more resistant to acid and general amylase than amylose. It can crystallize well in aqueous solution and alcoholic solution.

Food grade cyclodextrins do not have a certain melting point, and start to decompose when heated to about 200 °C. It has good thermal stability and no hygroscopicity, but it is easy to form various stable hydrates.

Various organic compounds can be embedded in its hydrophobic cavity to form inclusion complexes and change the physical and chemical properties of the inclusion complex.

The researchers of food grade cyclodextrins cross-chain many functional groups on the cyclodextrin molecule or cross-chain the cyclodextrin on the polymer, carry out chemical modification or polymerize with cyclodextrin as a monomer. Among them, food grade γ cyclodextrin is one of the most widely used derivatives.


What are uses of food grade γ cyclodextrin in the food industry?

As a well-known safe food additive, food grade γ cyclodextrin has the advantages of high water-solubility and low toxicity, and also has a unique structure of internal hydrophobicity and external hydrophilicity.

Because food grade γ cyclodextrin can encapsulate many compounds and functional groups of certain compounds, the inclusion substances have good physical and chemical properties, and are widely used in food, medicine, water treatment and other fields.

  • Reduce the volatility of spices

Spices belong to a kind of aroma substance that can be sensed by taste or smell. It can be used as a raw material for flavoring and is an important additive. The addition of spices will increase the flavor of food and improve the quality of food.

The cavity structure of food grade γ cyclodextrin can make it and volatile ingredients to form a protective layer, thereby reducing the volatilization loss of spices, and more retain the original chemical components of natural flavors.

  • Improve the solubility of food additives

Most food additives are hydrophobic compounds with poor dispersibility, which limits the application of such food additives in water-based foods. For example, in the processing of juices and other beverages, it is often necessary to add some colorants to improve the color of the juice.

Food grade γ cyclodextrin can form a host-guest inclusion compound under mild conditions with guest molecules or hydrophobic groups that match the polarity, nature and size of the guest molecules, thereby improving the physical and chemical properties of the guest molecules and increasing their solubility.

  • Cover up the bad smell

Food grade γ cyclodextrin can also cover the bad smells of seafood, dairy products, meat and soy products, such as mutton, fishy, bitter and astringent smells, to shield these bad smells without affecting the quality of food.

  • Preservation and keep fresh

The bactericide embedded in hydroxypropyl gamma cyclodextrin will be released after a period of time or be activated under a certain humidity, thereby inhibiting the growth of mold.

Therefore, putting hydroxypropyl gamma cyclodextrin into vegetables can reduce the rate of spoilage and prevent discoloration. This is because hydroxypropyl gamma cyclodextrin can form clathrates with chlorogenic acid to prevent the oxidation of polyphenols.

  • Promote foaming

Foaming plays an important role in food processing. Adding hydroxypropyl gamma cyclodextrin to foods such as high-oil beverages, ice creams, coffee beverages, whipped cream and sauces can produce long-term stable suspensions.

Adding a mixture of sugar or sugar alcohol, surfactant and hydroxypropyl gamma cyclodextrin in baked goods can significantly increase the volume of bread and enhance the anti-aging effect.


What prospects does food grade cyclodextrins have in the food industry?

With the improvement of consumption level and the yearning for green life, people have higher and higher requirements for green food. Natural food additives with excellent comprehensive performance have become the darling of the industry.

The use of additives like food grade α cyclodextrins to modify food additives can significantly improve its performance, making it widely used in more functional foods and other aspects of the food industry.

However, due to the many types of food grade cyclodextrins, we have not fully understood the function of each food grade cyclodextrins.

In the future, the industry should increase research on the properties and functions of a specific food grade cyclodextrins so that it can play a better role in more fields.

In addition, to make food grade cyclodextrins more widely used in actual production, more basic theoretical research is needed. It is believed that it will be able to overcome its shortcomings in the future and make its application prospects in the food industry brighter.


Cyclodextrin derivatives have more excellent characteristics than the parent high-purity food grade cyclodextrins crystal, thereby expanding their application scope and effects. Shandong Binzhou Zhiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company producing food grade additive cyclodextrin hydrate, dedicated to the research of food additives. If you want to buy the best white food grade cyclodextrins powder, we can give you valuable advice.




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