The main role of cyclodextrin in the field of cosmetics
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The main role of cyclodextrin in the field of cosmetics

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The cosmetics produced using cyclodextrin inclusion technology mainly include: hair care products (such as long-lasting curling agents, shampoos, hair lotions, conditioning products), skin care products (such as ointments, cosmetics, toiletries, cleansing masks), nail products (Nail remover).

       The main role of cyclodextrin in the field of cosmetics:

       1. Protect guest molecules and prevent light or heat-induced decomposition, oxidation or hydrolysis, and reactions with other organic substances.

       2. Dissolve guest molecules in water to increase the solubility, increase the dissolution rate, avoid the use of organic solvents, and adjust the viscosity.

       3. Reduce bad smell or taste, hygroscopicity and skin irritation.

       4. Improve the process and quality, turn liquid or oily substances into powder, and increase the stability of the emulsion.

       5. Controlled release and reduced volatilization loss

       The fragrance powder in cosmetics is composed of 1-2 kinds of medicines and essences, colored ingredients and cyclodextrins. Cyclodextrin plays the role of expanding volume and carrier, and can also meet the requirements of moisture absorption, adhesion to the surface, no microbial contamination, and repeatable sterilization. The advantage of cyclodextrin is that cyclodextrin and its derivatives are not nutrients for microorganisms, but they can reduce the amount of bacteriostatic agents in cosmetic prescriptions.


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