The magical effect of cyclodextrin in food innovation
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The magical effect of cyclodextrin in food innovation

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       When we add a small amount of cyclodextrin to Kudingcha, the unpleasant bitterness will be greatly reduced; dissolving the cyclodextrin-embedded curcumin into the beverage will not only taste the taste of turmeric, but also Improve the utilization rate of curcumin; due to the addition of cyclodextrin, it looks like ordinary bottled coffee. Shake the bottle, and the upper layer of the coffee will produce dense and stable foam, which increases the taste of drinking coffee. Cyclodextrin is currently being used in food innovation research and development.

       Cyclodextrins are natural oligosaccharides extracted from starch-containing raw materials such as corn or potatoes through catalytic enzymes, and have plant properties. It has a ring-shaped three-dimensional structure, and the hydrophobic inner cavity can embed specific bitter raw materials or volatile free molecules inside, so that its taste and smell are not easily detectable; the hydrophilic outer shell makes it suitable for beverages. In the formulation of the water-based system. Without changing the nutritional value and function of food or beverages, cyclodextrin can effectively mask or reduce undesirable flavors.

       With the popularity of vegetarian and plant-based foods in the market, some innovative whipped desserts, breads, baked goods and beverages, such as vegetarian-grade dessert mousse, hand-cranked zero-fat chocolate milkshakes, etc. have become new categories favored by consumers . Traditional foaming aids such as milk or egg whites are usually added to whipped foods. At present, cyclodextrin products can replace these traditional foaming aids. Cyclodextrin products can foam products based on carbohydrates, such as whipped honey and fruit juice. Because cyclodextrin has a hydrophobic inner cavity that can receive fat-soluble "guest" molecules, it has the effect of emulsification. This ring structure can not only stabilize the immiscible oil and water phases in the emulsion, but also use other outstanding properties of cyclodextrin to help non-protein, defatted or low-fat food foam in an acidic environment.

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