Methyl beta cyclodextrin including pinocyst as drug carrier
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Methyl beta cyclodextrin including pinocyst as drug carrier

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Pinus can protect mice from ischemic injury by increasing cerebral blood flow in mice. In addition, pinesin has anti-allergic properties in vitro. However, the structural characteristics of pinesin itself, such as poor water solubility and low bioavailability, limit its clinical application. Therefore, in order to expand the clinical application of pinus, it is particularly important to find a drug carrier with high efficiency and low toxicity.

Beta cyclodextrin is one of the widely studied drug carriers. Methyl beta cyclodextrin is an alkylated derivative of beta cyclodextrin and one of the most widely studied and applied cyclodextrin derivatives. . The solubilization of drugs by methyl beta cyclodextrin can reduce irritation and improve drug stability, and has been used for clinical administration at present.

The physicochemical properties such as the solubility, dissociation constant and stability of the drug molecule have been significantly improved by preparing the inclusion complex of pinacin and methylbetacyclodextrin. In addition, after the guest molecule forms an inclusion complex, the water solubility and stability are improved, which provides a theoretical basis for its application in pharmaceutical preparations.

Methyl beta cyclodextrin




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