Hydroxypropyl betadex(HPBCD) increases the water solubility of phytosterols
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Hydroxypropyl betadex(HPBCD) increases the water solubility of phytosterols

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Main effects of phytosterols: reduce serum cholesterol concentration and dissolve blood clots. Prevent and treat prostate diseases, as an anti-cancer substance, hormone-like function, and anti-inflammatory effect. However, the water insolubility of phytosterols limits its application in the food industry. After the inclusion of phytosterols with hydroxypropyl betadex (HPBCD CAS No. 128446-35-5), the inclusion of phytosterols by cyclodextrin solves the defects in the application of phytosterols and maintains its advantages, making the application of phytosterols more extensive and convenience.

Hydroxypropyl betadex (HPBCD CAS No. 128446-35-5) is an excellent pharmaceutical excipient and a very good inclusion material. Inclusion of phytosterols with hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin, its non-polar cavity provides a good wrapping space for the non-polar carbon chain part of the sterol, and then the inherent hydroxyl group of the sterol is partially exposed at the outer end, and The hydroxyl group of cyclodextrin itself increases the overall hydrophilic properties, thereby improving the solubility of sterols in water.

Zhiyuan Biotechnology is a scientific and technological company specializing in the application, development and innovation of cyclodextrin and its derivatives. Among them, HYDROXYPROPYL BETADEX obtained DMF NO.: 030168, CDE: F20209990366 (oral grade), CDE: F20180001469 (injection grade). 

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