Hydroxypropyl Betadex with anti-aging
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Hydroxypropyl Betadex with anti-aging

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In recent years, antiaging agents have become more common in the cosmetic industry, but important active substances, such as the lipophilic vitamin series (eg vitamin A), are very sensitive to air, temperature and light. After the complex of hydroxypropyl betadex is encapsulated with anti-aging active ingredients, the effect is better than other ordinary cosmetics. The bioengineering technology in the field of cyclodextrin is quite mature. Manufacturers use anti-aging active ingredients to prevent skin aging, such as vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin F, and even more and more cosmetic products include tea tree oil extracted from the leaves of a plant. For the above effective substances, we evaluate them from two aspects, and consider that: although they are extremely effective, they are sensitive to ultraviolet rays, heat and atmospheric oxidation, and are easily damaged. Therefore, effective protection must be carried out to prolong the shelf life of cosmetics. However, this protection not only does not destroy the active ingredient, but also does not produce by-products. Manufacturers use some protections according to their characteristics. For example, the use of starch, lactose and methyl cellulose to adsorb active ingredients, although the cost is very cheap, but the protection effect is relatively poor. Similarly, packing the active ingredient into liposomes is expensive, and liposomes are tiny media that are sensitive to oily skin and don't work well. Anti-aging substances are loaded into cyclodextrin microcapsules, which dissolve on the skin's surface to release the active ingredient.




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