Cyclodextrins, in the application of beauty cosmetics
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Cyclodextrins, in the application of beauty cosmetics

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Anti-aging agents have become more and more common in the beauty and cosmetic industry in recent years, but the important active substances, such as the oleophilic vitamin series (e.g., Vitamin A), are very sensitive to air, temperature and light.

The compounds of cyclodextrin, when coated with active anti-aging ingredients, are more effective than other common cosmetics. The bioengineering technology of cyclodextrin has been quite mature.


Cyclodextrins are well known for their ability to adsorb and control organic molecules, a function that has aroused widespread interest among scientists in many industries.

Cyclodextrin compounds can be used as intermediaries to improve the performance of the active ingredient in all essence, daily family necessities, pharmacy and cosmetics industries.

Anti-aging substances are loaded into the ring paste microcapsules, which dissolve on the surface of the skin to release the active ingredients. The microcapsule encapsulation process is well established, with cyclodextrins encapsulating single molecules in a process known as "recombination". Complex (or monomolecular encapsulation) anti-aging substances are released on the surface of the skin through the release of skin moisture. This mechanism is called "controlled release". Recombination and recombination is a dynamic equilibrium.


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