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Cyclodextrin(CD) is a kind of oligosaccharide which is composed of starch and glucose and linked into a ring, also known as "cyclooligosaccharide".

Cyclic oligosaccharide is a kind of bucket like structure formed by the cyclic connection of sugar molecules.

For example, those that combine six glucose to form a ring are called "α - cyclodextrin", those that combine seven glucose to form a ring are called "β - cyclodextrin", and those that combine eight glucose to form a ring are called "γ - cyclodextrin".

These are also quite different in nature and function.By the way, the oligosaccharides (granulated sugar, etc.) used in sweeteners have 2-10 sugars, but they are not cyclic.

CD is a kind of natural, edible and tasteless substance without sweet taste. However, in industry, starch extracted from corn, etc., is made from cyclodextrin to produce enzyme.

CD is widely used in food, beverage, cosmetics, daily necessities and other fields.

(spray type deodorant, catechin beverage, mustard, supplement, softener, etc.)

The function of cyclodextrin

CDs are characterized by inclusion of various molecules and release (slow release).

This package, due to the phenomenon of slow release, has the function of deodorizing, keeping good fragrance, blocking bitter ingredients, stabilizing unstable substances, preventing oxidation, dissolving fat soluble substances in water, improving the biological function of pharmacological active substances, and doing all kinds of work.

CDs are formed by the ring connection of glucose, but they are cup-shaped (conical) with no bottom in structure.

In addition, the inner side is soluble in oil, and the outer side is soluble in water, with two opposite properties in one substance. This inboard and outboard nature plays a variety of roles with a wealth of other unparalleled features.

For example, inside the cup-shaped structure, there is the property of absorbing various molecules. This phenomenon is called "inclusion".

In addition,CD in which the molecules are absorbed into the internal state is called "inclusion body".

Moreover, in the absorption of molecules, although there is no cap and bottom of the cup type, but the molecules are difficult to fly out, it is believed that because of intermolecular forces and other interactions between the material and the inclusion.

In addition, α - cyclodextrin and indigestible dextrin have similar effects. That is to say, it has the effect of inhibiting the rise of blood sugar, inhibiting the absorption of neutral fat and so on. Moreover, as a non digestible dextrin, it has the characteristics of inhibiting the absorption of sugar (non digestible dextrin has no effect of inhibiting the absorption of sugar itself) and inhibiting heat more than non digestible dextrin.

Safety of CD

CD is a kind of cyclic oligosaccharide extracted from starch, which is widely used as cosmetics, food and medicine. However, it is considered to be a safe ingredient because there are no major allergic reports such as skin irritation and eye irritation.




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