Cyclodextrin as pharmaceutical excipients
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Cyclodextrin as pharmaceutical excipients

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Pharmaceutical excipients have important functions such as excipients, acting as carriers, improving drug stability, solubilization, solubilization, slow and controlled release, or affecting the quality, safety and effectiveness of preparations. In recent years, with the advancement of consistency evaluation, the strengthening of national support for pharmaceutical excipients, and the innovative development of the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical excipient industry has gradually moved towards high-quality and standardized production, and product quality has been continuously improved. "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" is an important technical standard for the standardization and standardization development of my country's pharmaceutical excipient industry. At present, there are more than 540 kinds of pharmaceutical excipients in use in my country, and the standards of excipients accepted by the pharmacopoeia are increasing. With the implementation of the 2020 version of the "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" soon, it will help the pharmaceutical excipient industry to develop better and accelerate the upgrading and transformation of the industry.

Cyclodextrin is a new type of pharmaceutical excipient that is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, and its main use is as an embedding agent for drug molecules. Among them, the cyclodextrins with the most practical industrial application value are only α-cyclodextrin, β-cyclodextrin and γ-cyclodextrin. Among the cyclodextrins with α, β, and γ configurations, β-cyclodextrin is the most widely used. It is most suitable as a medicinal excipient. Some poorly soluble drugs can be processed into soluble pharmaceutical preparations. What is more worth mentioning is that some drug molecules with certain toxicity can be greatly reduced by β-cyclodextrin embedding, which opens up a broad field for the promotion of β-cyclodextrin in the pharmaceutical preparation industry.

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