Cyclodextrin-Based Contrast Agents for Medical Imaging
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Cyclodextrin-Based Contrast Agents for Medical Imaging

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Cyclodextrins (CDs) are naturally occurring cyclic oligosaccharides consisting of multiple glucose subunits. CDs are widely used in host–guest chemistry and biochemistry due to their structural advantages, biocompatibility, and ability to form inclusion complexes. Recently, CDs have become of high interest in the field of medical imaging as a potential scaffold for the development of a large variety of the contrast agents suitable for magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound imaging,

photoacoustic imaging, positron emission tomography, single photon emission computed tomography, and computed tomography. The aim of this review is to summarize and highlight the achievements in the field of cyclodextrin-based contrast agents for medical imaging.

Compared to other macrocyclic hosts, cyclodextrins are by far the most extensively used in host–guest chemistry applications and medical imaging. They tend to be the macrocycle of choice due to their structural advantages and robust ability to form inclusion complexes. An inclusion complex is formed when a guest molecule, commonly a small drug, is partially or fully encapsulated inside the host’s interior cavity . In the case of cyclodextrins, their preferred guest molecules tend to be hydrophobic, making them suitable for binding in the hydrophobic interior. Therefore, cyclodextrins possess the ability to form inclusion complexes with a wide variety of hydrophobic guest molecules.Formation of inclusion complexes, or molecular encapsulation, can affect the physiochemical properties of the drug or molecule itself, such as solubility and rate of dissolution. CDs are often exploited because of this property in addition to enhancing water solubility of water-insoluble molecules. The exterior of cyclodextrin is predominantly hydrophilic due to the extensive hydrogen bonding network, making it a biocompatible agent for a wide range of applications. These structural factors are largely why CDs are favored when synthesizing inclusion complexes.



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