Common Methods For Inclusion of Cyclodextrins
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Common Methods For Inclusion of Cyclodextrins

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The inclusion process of cyclodextrin is a non covalent bond binding process. The molar ratio of cyclodextrin to inclusion compound is 1:1 or n:1. Cyclodextrin can be appropriately excessive to make the equilibrium more in the direction of inclusion complex, according to the chemical equilibrium.


Common inclusion methods are as follows:

1. Water solution stirring method: prepare the clear water solution of cyclodextrin, add the inclusion compound and stir until it can be dissolved and dispersed. The obtained clear solution is the aqueous solution of inclusion complex. The solid inclusion compound can be further obtained by spray drying or freeze drying.

2. Grinding method: Mix the cyclodextrin and the inclusion compound with a little of water, ground into a paste fully to get a solid inclusion compound after dried.

Main factors affecting inclusion:

According to the properties of inclusion substances, appropriate treatment methods and inclusion conditions were selected to achieve the best inclusion effect.

Feeding ratio, inclusion mode, inclusion temperature, inclusion time, equipment, solvent, etc.

Detection of inclusion complex:

Thermal analysis, ultraviolet spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance, high performance liquid chromatography, thin plate chromatography, etc.




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