Application principle of cyclodextrin in cosmetics
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Application principle of cyclodextrin in cosmetics

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       The skin is mainly composed of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue (Fig. 1). The epidermis can be divided into cuticle, hyaline layer, granular layer, spinous layer and basal layer. The cuticle is the most lateral part of the epidermis. It is a compact structure composed of 4-8 layers of dead non nuclear cells, which limits the material exchange inside and outside the skin.

       Most cosmetics (Fig. 2) act on the skin through the process of transdermal absorption, and the final action site of its functional components depends on the efficacy of cosmetics. During the use and storage of cosmetics, emulsions are prone to instability, deterioration of nutritional and functional components, photodegradation, formulation turbidity and foaming.

application principle of cyclodextrin in cosmeticcosmetic use cyclodextrin

                        Figure 1 main skin structure                                                          Figure 2 cosmetics

       CDs molecules have conical cylinder structure, hydrophobic inside cavity and hydrophilic outside, and have local chiral space. It can wrap a variety of organic and inorganic molecules to form inclusion compounds as shown in Figure 3. After inclusion, solubility of insoluble substances can be increased, unstable substances can better resist degradation of light and heat, and the sublimation and volatility of substances are reduced, Incompatible compounds can form physical isolation, chromatography can be separated, useless and odor can be covered up, and the release of aromatic substances can be controlled. Therefore, cyclodextrin can be used as a new functional material to improve the defects of cosmetics.


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